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Reviewing the Running Stuff Out There

by Philip McGoff

This month: A Cold Clear Day, The Athletic Biography of Buddy Edelen, by Frank Murphy

I have seen this book on the lists at Jogger's World and Track and Field News for quite a while.  It always states that it is a well written book about an American guy living in England in the early 60's who once held the world record for

the marathon.  My reaction was always 'Who in the hell is this guy?'  I think of myself as a student of running and I don't even have a clue who he is.  The part that says that he is from Minnesota does catch my eye.  I am from Minnesota, so I may want to find out more about him.

As it turns out, he graduated from high school in South Dakota and went to the University of Min

nesota (go gophers!).  Good enough for me.  This book follows Buddy's running life from about 1961 to 1966, though I would actually have to reopen the book to double-check.  He was a pretty good collegiate runner at the U of M (Minnesota, not Michigan), but nothing spectacular.  He finished about 4th or so in the NCAA 6 mile (just under 10000 meters for those

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