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Insightful Look Into the World of Injuries

By Paul Fiorilla

My wife thinks that runners run races so they can stand around afterwards with their foul-tasting sports drinks and whine about the hills and their injuries. You know:
Runner 1: "I was going to break the course record today, but then I hit That hill in the second mile and it aggravated my hamstring pull and I wound up doing my usual 8:15 pace."
Runner 2: "I hate it when that happens. I was feeling energetic and I was getting

ready pass 50 people in the last mile but when I hit the last hill my peptococcus started to hurt, so I had to slow down."
Runner 1: "Where's your peptococcus?"
Runner 2: "I don't know, but trust me, it hurts."

The truth is, complaining about the course is part of the fun, but injuries are a more painful topic. So it is distressing to confine my running energies toward rehabilitation rather than rehashing the fine points of Age-grading.

At the beginning of the year, 39 years old, I was excited about the Prospect of joining the club's masters team when I turned 40 in September. I was contemplating being the hot new kid on the block rather than being an old blockhead. Unfortunately, my body had in its mind to remind me of the "old" part of the equation. I started the year recovering from an injury to my left knee, when my right hamstring and gluteus begin to hurt. Thinking that I had pulled a muscle while

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