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Secrets of the New Jersey Grand Prix

By Chris Lehman

Or Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Getting Some (points)

I am curious...

Have you been on a run and overheard your friends calculating obscure point totals or talking about needing this or that race or and had no idea what the **** they were so concerned about? If you have been wondering what's the deal with this Grand Prix thing or just want some tips on how to do it better, get ready to


First some history:  With the idea of giving NJ runners more incentive to participate in races, USATF-NJ officers Jim Sidliski and Dan Brannen created the Grand Prix in 1992. In 1994 it became the Midland Run Grand Prix sponsored by the Midland School of North Branch. New Balance-North Jersey has been the title sponsor for the past few years. As the team divisions gained prominence and the Club Grand Prix was initiated, last year the Liberty Health

Foundation joined in as their specific sponsor.

Three distance categories were established as well as a system to award points to participating runners based on their overall finishing position among same sex USATF-NJ members. Totals are kept and year-end cash and awards are given to the top five overall men and women as well as the first man and woman in each five-year masters age division. This is known as the Individual Grand Prix

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