3RD Annual Tow Path "Train"ing Run

by Ray Petit

On June 2nd., despite a persistent rain, several runners gathered in Johnson Park in preparation for the 3rd. Annual Tow Path "Train"ing Run. Well before dawn, these runners became part of a three car caravan headed to Trenton. Club President, Pete Priolo, was there to wish the runners well. Ken Ellis was one of the drivers. Both Pete and Ken ran the entire 34.1 miles last year, but decided to support the other runners

this year.

Despite a pouring rain and an unexpected stop in Kingston, Dave Hoch was determined to get us to Trenton by 6 am.  At exactly 6:02 am, Chris Lehman, Jorge Rivera, Mary Chervenak, Pati Rosen, Dave Hoch, and newcomers to the club- Charlie Gadol and Ed Kideys  took off on the long path from Trenton to New Brunswick. Although the runners had sunlight to keep them company, the rain persisted. As I was

driving north on Route 1 to my first water spot, I noticed the runners, single file, on the towpath. They seemed oblivious to the rain showers. At exactly 7:46 am, the train pulled into Kingston Station. Pati Rosen disembarked from the train, but I noticed that Ed Kideys wasn't with them. Although the runners were drenched, they were in good spirit. I gave them water and support, as Sue Juronics had done at the Alexander Rd. Station. I lied to them and told them

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