Winter Report from Viking Country

By Stefan Johansson

( RVRR:s correspondent in Gothenburg, Sweden)
     After two years as a New Jersey resident and proud member of RVRR (and a few months with my wife in San Diego) I've finally returned to my home turf, Gothenburg, Sweden. I found most of the main features of my life here as I left them. Same one bedroom apartment, sharing it with the same wife, same job (more or less) teaching and doing research in mathematics and the same good old

running club. Despite this it actually took quite a while to adjust to life here.
My Swedish club Solvikingarna (literal translation: The Sun-Vikings) is quite a lot like RVRR. It's a mixed crowd at all club runs with usually a majority of the people closer to retirement than high school. Also here the open team has a hard time beating the masters in most races.
     The major club run is on Tuesdays. It usually attracts 30-40 people. It's an organized interval or hill

workout planned and directed by our coach. The only thing you can be sure of when you start is that it won't be the same workout as last week or any other week before that. They're all unique. Apart from this run you can choose between a fartlek-run and a hill or track workout on Thursdays and a long run on Sundays.
     All club runs start at our clubhouse. This is one of the really nice features of the club. It's in the prime running area of Gothenburg

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