Raritan Valley Road Runners Online Newsletter

April 2000
Volume 8 Issue 3

Another Mile in the President's Stilts

Trink Poynter

If you're feeling as I have of late, like you can barely keep your head above water, I'll let you borrow my stilts. Now that spring has at last arrived, I figure it has to get better.

March has been a short respite for our usually busy club. Aside from a couple unofficial trail runs, our solitary event has been the March 22nd membership meeting which featured RVRR's one-of-a-kind fashion show. Many thanks to Pete Priolo for organizing this catwalk extravaganza. Yes, you may have noticed that I didn't have the guts to do it. And thanks to our courageous volunteers: Roger Price, the prolific host, and models Rie Keiser, Pam Huggins, Peter Onufryk,, Dana Gross, Janice Reid, Jim Hutzelmann, Mary Chervenak, "Iron" Pete Priolo, and Kathy Rocker on music. I'd also like to thank Dean Shonts, who lent us the merchandise from his store, the Sneaker Factory in Millburn.

On March 29th, the last Wednesday of the month, we will have our first backwards run ever, led by Ed Levy (appropriately). I can't comment on the insanity of this run because, as of this writing, it hasn't happened yet. I will be sure to give it some press next month.

April kicks off the racing season for many of our members. If you are interested in running for a team, contact one of our captains: Lois Brown-Klein, Women's Masters (40s and 50s); Chris Lehman, Women's Open; Doug Brown and Roger Price, Men's Masters 50's; Spook Handy, Men's Masters 40's, and Mark Zamek, Men's Open. Their email and phone numbers are listed elsewhere in this newsletter. The teams are open to all members who want to race.

In April we also have the official kickoff of our Saturday towpath runs. These runs have been ongoing all winter, but are especially popular in the spring and summer for those in marathon training. On April 1st, the run will start promptly at 8 a.m. and, thanks to our towpath chieftain, Ray Petit, will feature bagels, bananas and beverage to celebrate another of our club's unbroken running streaks. The course is out-and-back and perfect for all levels of runners. We meet in Johnson Park at Grove 5.

On April 2nd we will have our second Adventure Run this year. Gene Gugliotta will lead a group of runners through Round Valley. Details are elsewhere in this newsletter. Just be sure to change your clocks to Daylight Savings Time! For the women, Pati Rosen is organizing an "RVRR Ladies Night Out" for Friday, April 14 at 7 p.m. in New Brunswick. Please contact her for more information: patirosen@yahoo.com. The place is not yet decided.

Just a reminder, we have weekly Tuesday track workouts at the Highland Park High School. Warm up begins at 5:30 p.m. and the workout starts at 6 p.m. Chris Lehman coaches the women and Dave Hoch coaches the men. Everyone is invited.
We're going to be looking soon for some volunteers to help with the clocks at the Midland Run in May. Sam Bianca has agreed to coordinate, once again, this much-needed volunteer effort. Contrary to what we would all like to believe, our club really needs this revenue. I, for one, will be a clock sitter this year. There will be more information available at our Wednesday night runs.

Speaking of revenue, our Annual Renewal of Membership Dues will be starting up in April. Janice Reid has agreed to once again take on this onerous job. Please make her job easier and help out our club by upping your dues promptly.
Happy, safe running! You can go now

Runner's Eden -
The Stillwater Stampede

(Poem by Alen Gordon & Story by Raritan Valley Road Runners Club Member, Laurie Corbin)

Hear ye oh runners, from near and far
Lest all of you take heed
For every year in the month of June
There's The Stillwater Stampede

In Sussex County (Northwest, NJ)
Midst mountains and lakes and stream
The perfect place to have a race
The course, a runner's dream

The Stillwater Stampede has trophies too
And medals for young and old
A veritable runner's paradise
(If I may be so bold)

So mark your calendar every year
And keep a watchful eye
For the Stillwater Stampede is the race to run
Get ready...and give it a try

Of all the races you may run
This phrase you'll always keep
Remember...as you go thru life
Still water...runs deep...

I'd been to some big races in the past few months, each including 3,000 to 7,000 runners. Today, I was going to a small race. I was tired-more mentally than physically--of racing and as I drove West on Route 80, I wasn't sure I was going to step on the line. Maybe I'd just volunteer or watch. Then, as I drove up Route 206 into the Jersey Skylands, AC-DC's "You Shook Me" came on the radio. I turned it up and as the music filled my body and soul, I began thinking about the race to which I was driving...so unlike any other race, such a unique setting, such a great cause....within two verses of the song, I couldn't wait to race in the Stillwater Stampede.

Rolling country roads are the stage, green mountains the backdrop and a lake-front beach the finale. Held the first Saturday in June at Swartswood State Park, in Sussex County, New Jersey, the annual 5 mile race is unlike any other.

As I drove down the hill into park, I was greeted by a myriad of familiar faces there to run or volunteer. Music blared from beneath the brick trestle as runners bustled around completing their pre-race registration, preparation and socialization rituals. As race time approached, the atmosphere was casual yet filled with excitement...a far cry from the chaos before a big race. With five minutes to the start, the Star Spangled Banner began to play. The crowd fell silent as we listened and watched the flag. I looked around and was overcome with a great sense of appreciation for

running and for races with the philosophy of The Stillwater Stampede...that no matter how theymay grow, they will always maintain their unique character and attention to detail. In the distance, the morning sunlight danced off of Swartswood Lake, perfectly framed by the Kittatinny Mountains.

We walked to the starting line in the parking lot as volunteers from the town put the finishing touches on the booths and attractions that would make up the Stillwater Day fair in a few hours. Above the lot to the left, campers were beginning to peak their heads out of trailers and tents to see what was going on.

At 9 AM, on the button, the gun went off. Speedsters Chris Langhan and Todd Lippin were out like bullets, leading the field in a surge out of the park. We hung a right then a quick left onto the paved trail that winds its way through the woods and out onto the country road on the other side. A slight rise to the right and I heard my mile split as I eagerly anticipated the sharp down hill that leads back to the main road.

The race benefits The Stillwater Bears, an innovative youth running program that enables young runners to receive high-caliber coaching and the opportunity to race, preparing them several years in advance for high school track and cross country. The "Momma Bears," mothers of the kids in the running program, are key Stampede volunteers and are in charge of a the main water stop on Route 619. Runners pass through the stop twice during the race.

One of the Stillwater Bears, Amanda Jones, handed me a much-needed cup of water my second time through the Momma Bear water stop, and I picked it up as I headed toward the finish.

The last piece of the course takes runners through the Swartswood camp site. . The pungent odor of bacon wafts through the air as the campers, whose interest was peaked by the start, cook their breakfast as they watch the harriers loop by with wide-eyed amazement. Exiting the campsite, it's time to kick. You fly down the hill back into the parking lot, dart under the brick trestle and then...out onto the beach! Yup, the beach. The Stillwater Stampede has a surprise ending unlike any other race. Runners finish by running about 100 yards on the beach, right along the shore of Swartswood Lake, to the shoot.

Cash awards await the top three male and female finishers along with special prizes for top masters finishers and top walkers. There are also age groups awards and tons of raffle prizes. The park is open for free swimming and the small-town flavor of the Stillwater Day Parade and festivities is something extraordinary.

On of my favorite parts of the Stampede is the one mile fun run that follows the 5 mile race. Kids of all ages--some accompanied by their parents, some going it solo--run a mile course that, like the 5 mile, finishes on the beach. The determination of all the kids is something to behold but the expressions on the faces of little Kyle Bowmaster and Sam Olivieri--as they did everything in their power to muster some sort of a kick when they hit the sand--were absolutely priceless.

That night I was tired. I had been to some big races over the past few months. But as I fell asleep, I realized that if I had to pick a favorite outof all of them, it would be... running down the paved trail, through the Momma Bears water stop and along the shore of Swartswood Lake in God's Country, in the heart of Sussex County, at The Stillwater Stampede. It doesn't get any better than that. The 2000 Stillwater Stampede 5 Mile will be held on Saturday, June 3rd. For an application or information, call Race Director, Guy Gordon, at 973-394-1443 or 1-800-392-9518, ext. 241 or send e-mail to lcrun@aol.com.

Wednesday Night Runs

The Raritan Valley Road Runners have met weekly for Sixteen years of consecutive Wednesday night runs! Come join us at 6:30 PM at the Highland Park Senior Citizen's and Youth Center at the intersection of Benner St. and S. 6th Ave. Parking is available in well-lit lots adjacent to the building. Come dressed in your usual running garb. We are currently running the winter course through the streets of Highland Park (4.5 and 7 mile routes), so reflectors and/or visibility lights are required! After the run join us for dinner!

Saturday Towpath Runs

Every Saturday morning, we meet in Johnson Park, Piscataway at the Grove 5 parking lot for a group run. Take the oneway park road west from Landing Lane (between Landing Lane Bridge and River Rd). Turn left into the first parking lot. If this lot is closed, continue on the park road and park in the next lot on the right adjacent to the Olde Towne within Johnson Park.

The run is out-and -back on the D&R Canal towpath. Typical distances vary from 4.8 to 20+ miles and runners of all levels are welcome! The towpath has sustained a great deal of damage from hurricane Floyd. Although passable, runners should be cautious due to exposed roots and holes. Rest rooms are available at the start and along the way. Currently, the run starts promptly at 8 AM. Therefore, runners should arrive by 7:50 AM to run with the group.


Press release

Gentle rolling hills, friendly faces, quaint pubs and a sense of accomplishment await participants in the Arthritis Foundation, New Jersey Chapter's Joints in Motion marathon training team. Team members will run or walk the Dublin, Ireland Marathon on October 30, 2000 on behalf of the 1.3 million people in New Jersey who have arthritis.

Whether you are a runner or walker, a first-timer or an experienced marathoner, the Joints in Motion Training Team can get you to the finish line. Members of the team are enrolled in an 18-20 week training program with expert coaches. They also receive running singlets and jackets, entry in the marathon, round-trip airfare and hotel accommodations in Dublin and enjoy team celebrations such as kick-off and post-marathon parties. In return, participants raise money to help support arthritis research and the Foundation's Quality of Life programs. Complete fundraising packets are provided and participants are "coached" in the best methods to reach their fundraising goals.

Training for the Dublin Marathon begins in June. Those interested are encouraged to sign up now to begin fundraising. Early registrants can also take advantage of "Quick Start", a pre-marathon training program which gets athletes in the shape to begin their marathon training. For information on how to become a team member, contact the Arthritis Foundation, New Jersey Chapter at 1-888-467-3112 or 856-482-0600 or email to lkrupowi@arthritis.org.

From the New Editor!

The general populace of this club probably knows who I am, however, I am sure that there are many who do not. I would like to start by saying a hearty Thank You to Rolf Arands who has been the editor of this newsletter for several years. He has made the newsletter an award winning publication, really he has!

My wife and I have been members of RVRR for 9 years and have received the many benefits this club has to offer. For those of you who do not actively participate, the single greatest asset this club has to offer is the people. I know it sounds like a cliché, but it is true. We have made many friendships that will last longer than our physical ability to run. We are forever grateful for this.

With that said, I think that it is time to give back a little. Neither of us has the time to offer that is required of being an elected official or board member so this is an excellent way for us to give something back.
I plan on making very few, if any changes to the format. I will always be open to suggestions, after all, this is your newsletter. Please feel free to offer suggestions to me personally or through my e-mail account.

I will try my best to keep the tradition going.

By the way, if anyone is interested in doing some behind the scenes volunteer work, I am looking for someone to compile the race results for the newsletter. This task takes only 20 to 30 minutes per month and is a great service to RVRR. Don't be shy, step forward and let me know when you can start!

Carl Rocker

RVRR Clothing for SALE!
Just in time for the spring racing season..
RVRR singlets-Coolmax White Mesh

Male: M, L, XL
Female: M, L, XL

Cost per item is $17. Mail check and 'Ship to' address to RVRR, PO Box 1197, Edison, NJ 08818-1197. Singlet will be mailed to you via first-class mail. High-split running shorts are also available at a clearance price of $5 per item. Clothing is also available at Wednesday night runs. See Ray Petit or Dana Gross.

Midland Training Run

Ray Petit

RVRR will sponsor a Midland Training Run on Saturday, May 13th. We will run the course in preparation for the Midland 15K the following week. For thosenew to the area, Midland is a challenging, but scenic course. After the practice run everyone is invited to have Brunch with Dana. For the second consecutive year, Dana Gross will welcome runners back to place for coffee,juice and bagels. Directions to her place will be given after the run.
Meet at Far Hills Train Station at 9 AM Take 287 to Exit 22- Routes 202/206 north .Bear right onto 202 north, then turn right at the light to stay on Route 202 North at Willies' Tavern. The Far Hills Train Station is approximately 1/2 mile on the left. Come prepared to run. Free parking at train station on weekends. (

Round Valley Adventure Run
Next adventure run: 9 a.m., Sunday, April 2, 2000 at Round Valley Recreation Area, off of US Route 22, near Lebanon, NJ. We will run a 12 mile trail and road run around the reservoir. You can run out and back if you want to run less. Brunch will follow at the first diner on Route 22 East. (Remember to stop your watches and switch to real time, especially if you have to pick someone up at the airport.) Further information will be available at Wednesday night runs, or reach me at Thinnmann@yahoo.com.

Bicycle Ride with Greg LeMond to Benefit USBHOF

Louise Le Goff

Pump up your tires, strap on your helmet, load some carbs and join three-time Tour De France winner Greg LeMond in a fun ride for all abilities to benefit the U.S. Bicycling Hall of Fame, a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of American cycling history.

LeMond will lead participants from AT&T and other local corporations for the 25-mile "Ride With The Stars" tour departing from and returning to Somerville, New Jersey, home of the U.S. Bicycling Hall of Fame, at 10 a.m. on Saturday, June 3. Hundreds of riders are expected and there's always room for more!

Your donation to participate will go toward preserving one of the most extensive collections of U.S. bicycling memorabilia in the country maintained by the U.S. Bicycling Hall of Fame.

Along with the thrill of pedaling along with one the best known U.S. champion cyclists, registered riders will receive the following.

* U.S. Bicycling Hall of Fame Membership
* Limited Edition "Ride With The Stars" Greg LeMond T-shirt
* Commemorative Poster
* Bike mechanic and rest stop support along the 25-mile course

Register early and pay only $50 per person. After May 2, registration is $60 per person. You may also attend the Pre-Event VIP Induction Dinner on Friday, June 2, at the Elks Club in Bridgewater, New Jersey, to welcome
Greg LeMond and new Hall of Fame inductees. This evening includes a presentation by LeMond, raffles,.auctions and fun for all for only $60 per person. However, you may opt for the Special LeMond Package, which includes the dinner and ride both for only $100. All registration fees are tax deductible.

To register, send an e-mail request to Rolf Arands (ironmac_4@hotmail.com). He will then forward you a copy of the mail-in sign-up form in Microsoft Word format.

Race Results

If you want to see your results in the newsletter, please submit them to Rolf Arands.   Results can be sent via e-mail

Guy Gordon 2:37:58
Extremely humid conditions

Paul Fiorilla 1:03:06
Mary Chervenak 1:07:33
4th Female O'all

Laurie Corbin 2:56:02
One month after being hit by a car and sustaining severe head injuries!

Rolf Arands 19:08
3rd in Men's 30-39 & First sub-20 minute 5K in 9 years!
Dana Gross 22:48
1st in Women's 30-39

Peter Priolo 1:24:45
Charles Gromer 1:28:38
Myrna Rosal 1:28:44
Ray Schick 1:29:37
Eva Fisher 1:30:42

Jennifer Stachula 1:27:16 PR!
4th Female
Sue Juronics 1:38:40
1st 50-54

Dave Hoch 19:47
David Brown 19:49
John Nowatkowski 20:37
Myrna Rosal 21:02
(Went off course) 2nd Female!

Stefan Johansson 1:13:58
1st in 30-39, 3rd overall- wow!
Guy Gordon 1:14:45
2nd in M40-49
Gregory Mullins 1:16:30
Roger Price 1:20:39
1st in 50-59
Laurie Corbin 1:23:39
1st Woman Overall
Douglas Brown 1:24:34
Jennifer Stachula 1:24:37
2nd Woman Overall & a PR!
Christopher Lehman 1:25:55
Peter Priolo 1:26:33
Kenneth Ellis 1:27:11
Steven Fisher 1:28:26
Rolf Arands 1:29:29
PR by 14.5 minutes!
Mary Chervenak 1:29:32
3rd in Women's 30-39 & 7th Overall!
Charles Gromer 1:29:50
Peter Onufryk 1:30:23
Pat Cosgrove 1:31:58
Ray Schick 1:35:07
Meggan Page 1:35:34
Jill Knorr 1:42:44
Dana Gross 1:43:35
Dante Ciolfis 1:43:38
Patricia O'Hanlon 1:55:52
Lois Brown-Klein 2:07:54
Madeline Bost 2:09:52