RVRR is proud to take part in


Our 2017 event raised almost $4000 for charity. Put the event in your diary for 2018! November 23, 2018

Skip Black Friday and take part in Track Friday!

What is Track Friday?

Shouldn’t we be giving and not just getting? 
On the day after Thanksgiving, let’s turn Black Friday into Track Friday, a day focused on charity, community, and health. 
Run or walk any distance, anywhere. Donate or raise any amount for any charity. Spread the word. Make a difference.

We have many events/races scheduled for all to participate!

9-10: Runners: Focus on your running for an early morning run!

9:45: Welcome

10 – 2: Walkers and Runners: Walk/Run your own pace around the track, as many laps as you like!

10:00 – 10:30: Special Needs Races

10:00 – 12:00: Kids Races/Sprints: Want to compete? We will have fun games/races for your kids to participate in!


How do we donate?

You can donate to:

Central Jersey Diaper Bank – Walk for Diapers

The Central Jersey Diaper Bank (AECDC) has been working with RVRR on Track Friday since this event’s inception in 2015 to make this event the success it is.

Highland Park Educational Foundation

The Highland Park Educational Foundation (HPEF) is a non-profit organization that supports innovative programs and projects developed by our town’s public school staff.


ATTACHAVIAUTISM provides respite, support, education and social opportunities for people with Autism and their families.

If you have a charity you would like to run or walk for, get in touch.

The main Track Friday organization is selling t-shirts – help promote Track Friday by buying one.

Is there a fee to participate??

  • We ask for a suggested donation of $10 to be made for each participant.
  • If your child would like to participate in the races, we ask for $5 donation for each race

To donate, please click on the links below.

LOCATION:….. Highland Park Track