Pi(e) for 2017

3/14/2018 is the night of our Wednesday club run

Stay tuned for information about how we will celebrate Pi Day


2017 Event Details:

It will be cold. According to Jeremy it will be 31.4159 F, so dress accordingly!

RVRR members and everyone else are welcome, so bring a friend

Sunday, March 12 is the day we set the clocks back AHEAD and gain more evening running light! Celebrate with the Pi run! The long-range forecast for March 12 has partly cloudy skies and a high of 31. The Pi run will have frigid weather once again.

Pie judging will be pie appreciation with profuse thanks to our bakers and highlights of their offerings. Water, coffee and hot chocolate will be available.


Starting about 9:00 AM we will be in Johnson Park just off of River Road in Piscataway. Come to Grove 2 (by the zoo). We will direct participants to the 2017 π course, which is a GPS measured 3.1415926 miles, more or less. At a 10 minute pace the run will take just over 30 minutes, so depart Grove 2 at 9:29 to be back in time for the 10:00 AM π eating and appreciation. Faster and slower runners can adjust their start times with the goal of a simultaneous finish at 10 AM. People racking up long runs should start early enough to finish by pie eating time.

2017 π COURSE

Start at Grove 2, run to the statue of the running back on Scarlet Way, a footpath, in front of Rutgers stadium and then return. This is a fun run so run facing traffic because we are not stopping traffic.

Go right out of Grove 2 and head for the Rte 18 overpass. Immediately after the overpass go right and up to the foot/bike path parallel to Route 18. Go left towards Busch Campus. At the end of the path, go left on Sutphen Road and follow it to the Stadium. Just across the 4-way stop intersection there is a brick footpath, the Scarlet Way. Go left onto this, loop around and head back the way you came.



VOLUNTEER  Email us at: rvrr.pirun2016@gmail.com if you can help. Thanks. Yes, the email address is a year out of date but it still works.

We need pie cutters and other helpers to dispense food and beverages and clean up but, mostly we need bakers and some clever method of judging the submitted pies. Ideas welcome. We need a photographer too!

2015 Pie pics

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