Who can run for RVRR teams?

Here is a simple rundown of what it means to run for RVRR teams.

  1. Am I too slow to run for the team?
    • NOBODY IS TOO SLOW!!! Just being there, even if you’re walking, can benefit the teams. The more people we have, the more teams we can enter, and the more points the club gets.
  2. What do I do to get on a team?
    • NOT MUCH AT ALL!!! You’re already a member of RVRR, so all you need to do is also be a member of USATF
    • USATF membership gives you discounts to lots of races, between $3 and $5 per race, so the cost can quickly be cancelled out over the year if you race enough).
    • You will also need to prove your age to USATF-NJ. All the details are below.
    • Once you’re an age-verified USATF member, all you do is sign up for championship races, and let your team captain know which ones you will be running (email the board if you don’t know who your captain is).
  3. What benefits are there to running for the team?
    • Aside from USATF discounts for lots of different races, not just team ones, at the team races you can count on:
      • Team support to push you to do better than you ever thought you could.
      • You’ll see the same people from other teams at each race which will give you plenty of options for who to try to beat every time.
      • Car pools to races so you won’t have to drive yourself every time.
      • Team members will usually socialize after the race.
      • Teams are allocated club funds to help promote running for the teams. These can be used in a variety of ways so keep an eye out for what your team is doing by making sure you are on your team captain’s email list.

Here are more details:

Before racing for RVRR in a USATF designated LDR Championship Event:

  1. You must be a member of RVRR
  2. You must be a member of USATF*
  3. You must be age-verified by USATF NJ
  4. Let your team captain know which championship races you intend to run – the current year list of races can be found on our “teams page” – each race is designated by division – for Masters races only runners age 40 and over can be entered on a team. Anyone can run in an Open division race, and for All Divisions races team captains will assign you to appropriate teams (runners 40 and over can be used on 2 teams!)

*When you join USATF it will ask for your club number – the RVRR club number is 202. If you happen to live outside NJ, you will be registered in the state where you reside. You will have to request to transfer your membership to USATF NJ manually to be eligible to run for RVRR.


At an event:

  1. If you pre-registered, and you let your team captain know that you are running, you will already be on a team. If you are registering on the day, make sure your team captain has your bib number at least 45 minutes before the start. Team captains have until 30 minutes prior to the start of the race to complete their team submissions, so if you are registering on the day, please allow plenty of time.
  2. You do not have to wear a team singlet but club members at the race to support will find it easier to spot you and cheer you on if you are wearing one (National events require matching singlets – if your team is involved in a national event, the team captain will coordinate this). RVRR singlets are usually available at Runner’s High in Metuchen, but it may be worth calling ahead to check on stock. Let the board know if there is no stock.
  3. Most importantly – USATF prohibits the use of headphones or any portable listening device. As a USATF member, you should receive a pre-race email which includes the following: “Any USATF New Jersey athlete that is competing at a championship race as an individual or on a team cannot wear headphones or any other portable listening device. Championship competitors wearing headphones during the race will not be eligible for USATFNew Jersey Championship individual or team scoring or awards.  Please leave your headphones in the car or at home!”


After the event:

Teams will score points based on the top 3 or 5 finishers in the team (depending on division/age/gender). The teams accumulates points during the year for each of the team groupings and for the club as a whole. So, the more people that run, the more points the club accumulates and increases our chances of placing in the championship.

It is also worth noting that there is an individual Grand Prix competition in addition to the team competition. Team Championship races are 700 point races in that competition. There will be a follow up post explaining the individual championship, but information can be found at this link if you are not familiar with it.

In summary:

  1. Make sure you are a
    • current RVRR member
    • current USATF member
    • age-verified with USATF
  2. Let your captain know you will be at a race.
  3. If you are registering on the day, get your bib number to the captain at least 45 minutes before the start.
  4. Don’t wear headphones during the race, or use any other listening device.