Newport 10k

Saturday, May 14, 2016


Pre-race team photo


Fun times and great running at Newport 10k on Saturday, May 14. Despite warm weather we had strong running and a lot of spirit! Here are your RVRR team results: Open Women got 7th, 9th, and 13th, and Open Men got 9th and 14th. Congrats to age group winners Wendy D. Reed, Marcia Hodulik, Lorraine White, Jo Ann Coffee, and Imme Dyson!


Our next team race is the College Ave. Mile on June 4th at 5pm. This is an Open Men and Women team race – don’t forget, anyone can run on the open teams! Let your team captain know if you are interested in racing for the team. When you register you choose your mile heat based upon your age and expected time.

Although this race is the same day as the “Train”ing run, there is the possibility of participating in both events. Run a shorter distance for the “Train”ing run like the 6mi or 2.8mi option, or volunteer at a train stop, enjoy the RVRR picnic, and then come show off your RVRR speed for the College Ave. Mile!


Open Women-Lauren Clark –

Masters Women-Christine PR –

Open Men– Drew Pennyfeather –

40s Men- Neil Hume –

50s Men- Bob Tona –

60s Men- Roger Price –