2016 Spring speed workouts

Speed workouts have started but there are a few spots still available – email the board (board@rvrr.org) if you’d like to join these sessions.

Coach Pete’s speed-work for RVRR members will start on Tuesday March 22


All runners get faster if they train in purposeful workouts that follow precepts established by experience and experiment. If you want to get faster, speed-work works.

RVRR Support

Since Spring 2014, Coach Pete Priolo has trained RVRR members at Donaldson Park and at the Highland Park High School track. The workouts have been partially supported by the club. At the GMM meeting March 9, the club again voted to partially fund the speed training. This support allows the individual cost for the entire 14 session program to be just $50. The speed-work sessions are on Tuesday evenings from late March to early July. Coach Pete sets the starting time for the sessions. In past years this typically has been 6 to 6:30 PM.


Registration is limited because large numbers become too difficult to keep track of. Therefore, it is a good idea to sign up ASAP if you are keen to add speed-work to your running program. Registration is first-come, first-served. Use this link:

Registration goes live Monday, March 14, at 5 pm

If you have any difficulty with the registration, contact the Board:  board@rvrr.org


After registration, Coach Pete will have your email address and will contact everyone about each week’s workout plan. There are several plans (usually 3 or 4) designed for runners of all speeds