Congratulations to our 2015 Award Winners

Outstanding Runner: Kathy Rocker 

Ultra Runner: Elaine Acosta 

Comeback of the Year: Marcia Hodulik 

Volunteer of the Year: Barney Ward 
You can count on this person to do any task. a) Any individual organizing a major event (i.e. Youth Series, EBRR, Train Run) b) 1-3 additional individuals based on participation and enthusiasm c) Board members excluded from all above categories

Most Improved: Marvin Pilande 
This award is judged upon the individual’s improvement in the current year over the previous year.

Sunshine Award: Ray Petit 
This is intended to recognize a member who has shown a great dedication to improving the morale and spirit of the club, whose efforts have helped make the club more enjoyable for the members who otherwise have not received recognition directly from the club for his/her contributions.

Outstanding Club Member: John Kane 
This award is to recognize a club member who has been a consistent and dedicated volunteer to our club and who has had a significant impact on the success of the club. The recipient should be someone who is both currently involved and has been contributing for several years prior and continues to serve a valuable role in the club. In summary, the award is neither intended to solely recognize past achievements nor to recognize a new comer who has been highly visible.

President’s Citation: Christine Prorock-Rogers

Incredible Feet: Lauren Santonastaso
Incredible feat with incredible feet

Allen Paul Award: Neil Hume 
This award recognizes one board member each year for his/her outstanding contributions to the club as a member of the Board of Directors. It should take into account the level of dedication, commitment, altruism and integrity of the member in furthering the mission and goals of the club. Important aspects of the award would include implementation of new programs that help the club pursue our mission, and promoting an environment conducive to unity and growth of the club.

Lew Gibb Award: Tom O’Reilly 
This award recognizes an individual who has made a significant and dedicated contribution to the sport of running in New Jersey in the spirit of Lew Gibb. An independent committee selects this award.